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Johnson & Murphy Wealth Advisors, LLC

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Johnson & Murphy Wealth Advisors, LLC is a collaborative and transformative undertaking between it and select special needs law firms throughout the US.  Chronic Care Advocates, Inc. (“CCA”), the developer of myHana, has brought Johnson & Murphy together with these firms to create a package of financial and legal services for myHana subscribers.  As part of this arrangement, our firms have agreed to make sizable reductions to our customary fees. Legal fees will vary from case to case and state to state. 

While Johnson & Murphy, CCA and the law firms are distinct entities, we have a common focus:  to help families with chronic diseases, disabilities and/or special needs prepare for the future.  We have found this pivotal objective can best be achieved by first conducting a comprehensive financial plan and coordinating its execution with capable attorneys with special needs skills.   

Up until 2016, Johnson & Murphy’s sole, nationwide client focus was families of wealth.  That changed when its principals became closely associated with CCA and its revolutionary subscription service, myHana.  While Johnson & Murphy continues to serve its traditional clients, it has become increasingly active in helping CCA meet its laudable ambitions with special needs individuals and their caregivers. 

Johnson & Murphy is a planning, insurance and registered investment advisory firm.  It does not and cannot offer legal advice.  The legal work required by its clients, however, including the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives and trusts, is generally performed by law firms partnering with us. By working closely together, the local law firm and Johnson & Murphy can often dramatically reduce fees to clients, while simplifying and expediting the financial and estate planning exercise. Johnson & Murphy does not share in any portion of the legal fees, nor can it assume any responsibility for legal work performed. 

David W. Johnson and Kevin B. Murphy co-manage Johnson & Murphy, which is based in Bedminster, NJ. They have been partners for over 7-years. Collectively, they have enjoyed over 50-years of outstanding service in the wealth management and insurance industries.  Prior to establishing Johnson & Murphy, David and Kevin were responsible for over $1.4 billion of client assets under management at their respective firms: UBS and Merrill Lynch.  

As part of its association with Johnson & Murphy and CCA, our select law firms have agreed to discount their fees substantially. These discounted services involve  "basic" estate planning work.   "Basic", in this context, normally includes drafting a simple will, durable power of attorney, an advanced directive for healthcare, and establishing a supplemental beneficiaries trust-- testamentary or inter-vivos.  

Johnson & Murphy, CCA and its gowing network of law firms are eager to assist all families with chronic care needs, irrespective of their financial circumstances or geographic location.  Our firms are fully committed to helping improve people's lives, while lessening the emotional and financial strains often apparent within special needs communities.  To advance our work, we frequently consult with members of the Johnson & Murphy Advisory Board who have had distinguished careers in the financial, legal, education and special needs fields.