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Our Mission

(1)  To provide or introduce specialized financial and legal services to families with chronic diseases, disabilities and/or special needs at greatly reduced prices, and  

(2)  To make a profit while making a difference.  

Based on prior experiences and considerable research, we at Johnson & Murphy are very much aware of the financial and emotional tension that can occur in families managing chronic and special needs conditions. The lifetime cost of raising a person with special needs has been estimated to be as high as $2.4 million more than rearing a non-special needs individual.

In 2016, in an effort to reduce the cost and anxiety of these families in planning for the future, a close collaboration was formed by Chronic Care Advocates, Inc., the inventor of myHana, between Johnson & Murphy and select special needs law firms in the US.  Today, regrettably, it is not at all unusual to be charged by financial planning and law firms well in excess of $3,000 or even $10,000 to identify and put in place arrangements for special needs individuals. With the exception of large, highly complex and/or time-consuming cases, the law firms partnering with us have agreed to make every effort to keep total legal costs at an affordable level for the preparation of a simple will, durable power of attorney, trust and an advanced health care directive.  

Given our firms' collective ambition to disrupt the financial planning and legal fees structure for special needs families throughout the US, it should be recognized that one might not receive as much “hand holding” as one might enjoy at other professional firms with considerably higher fees. Nevertheless, we are confident we can offer sound and useful advice to clients in addressing their pivotal needs, while keeping fees generally much lower than those charged elsewhere.   

To make these arrangements possible, we hope our clients and their extended families might consider using our many other financial services to attend to their non-special needs requirements.  As previously disclosed, we have a great deal of experience in assisting families of wealth throughout the US.  


1  University of Pennsylvania, Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research.