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Planning Process

  1. Complete a simple questionnaire and return it to us: CLICK HERE

  2. Along with the questionnaire, suggest a few convenient dates/times for us to make an introductory call to you to discuss your family’s specific circumstances and needs. We will then contact you by phone or email to confirm a date/time for the call. Please feel free to involve other family members in this and subsequent discussions.  Prior to this call, you might find it helpful to review some of the articles and videos in the Library section of this website on topics such as insurance, special needs trusts, wills and long-term care options. 

  3. After the introductory call, we may ask for additional information, including copies of bank or brokerage statements, wills, life insurance policies, trusts etc.

  4. Upon receipt of your family’s information, a financial plan will be prepared and shared with one of the law firms within the Johnson & Murphy network unless otherwise instucted.   The plan will identify suggested courses of action and be emailed to you. The plan will be followed by a conference call to respond to questions and make final recommendations. Representatives from our insurance and investment units will participate in this call as needed.

  5. If the financial plan indicates that you might require legal assistance in creating a will, durable power of attorney, trust and/or an advanced health care directive we will, upon request, be pleased to introduce you to one of the law firms in our network.       
  6. Your family’s financial plan will be reviewed annually. Recommendations will be made at that time.

  7. After a review of your family’s financial situation, we might conclude our services are not appropriate or cost-justified for you at this time. In these instances, there will be no charge for the review.